Jun 02

Photos From Final Showcase

Jun 01

Final Video Documentation Edit

Here’s an edit of most of the footage from the workshop!

May 10

Final Showcase Central Park Zoo

Today students got to show their projects on the grounds of the Central Park Zoo! Here are some photos from the day! It was a great success!

May 09

Images from Final Projects!

Apr 30

Finishing Up Projects

Some more great progress today on final projects! See pics below:





More Pics:


Apr 23

Final Projects Nearing Completion

Here’s some more images of work done on final projects! One session left!

Apr 13

Bird Hit Counters and More


Some video documentation of the early stages of building of the Bird Hit Counter made with aluminum foil, recycled springs from old printers, and a vintage counter.

Here’s a photo of the hardware for the Bird Hit Counter prior to being hooked up to the recycled electronics component and homemade switch:


Apr 02

Building Final Projects!

Here are some images and video from the final project building process. Materials ranged from discarded electronics and the other waste we’ve collected as well as cardboard boxes and other structural elements:

Building Bird Hit Counters!

Mar 26

Circuitboard Skating!

Three workshoppers wanted to create a smooth surface on the circuit boards they were repurposing for their final project and so we did some circuit board ice skating by strapping the boards to their shoes and having them skate around the Zoo! Gives new meaning to the “Electric Slide”!

Video below:

Mar 19

Scrapyard Challenge Part 4

Some more images and video from the workshop!

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